Our Projects

Here are some examples of projects we have completed over the last few years. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these or find out more.

SaaS Performance Improvement


For a Global retail-focused SaaS company, developed and delivered a rapid performance improvement program which over an 18 month period improved gross margins from the mid-50s to the mid-70s percent. Renegotiated partner agreements with three major IaaS players. Fully recertified the business for SOC II and PCI-DSS. Streamlined operational processes to enable 20% organic growth and integrated NA-based acquisition, doubling revenues to $100m.

Customer Experience Redesign

For a European telematics SaaS company, developed an entirely new set of highly automated customer service delivery processes. Implemented end-to-end, from customer portal to field service partner service delivery. Integrated fully inventory and supply chain systems for shipment of parts. Delivered significant cost savings and customer experience improvements.

Acquisition due diligence

For a private equity player, led the operational and technical due diligence of a $1bn potential acquisition target, an international telecommunications service provider. Our work identified a high degree of operational dependence on the target's parent, out of date IT systems, and a likely $30m cost to update the technology base.

Business Strategy

For a global wholesale telecommunications company, developed a new business strategy to leverage a customer self-service model to offer Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) products.

Data Centre Cloud Migration

For a UK based customer service outsourcing company, led the migration of two legacy data centres into a modern, virtualized data centre environment, based on a private cloud model. The project was completed in under a year, reduced the number of applications in use by 50%, and protected a £15m+ transaction to exit the old data centres.


For a European cellular company, worked on a multi-£bn 'Machine-to-Machine' opportunity. Developed a technology architecture that transformed the clients prospects in this competitive, public sector acquisition. The client subsequently won a large (multi-£bn) stake in key strategic project.

Strategic Procurement

Worked with a Middle Eastern telecommunications service provider to procure network equipment and services essential to upgrading the international voice and data networks, preparing them for rapid projected growth in demand and implementing state-of-the-art technology. The clients costs were reduced very substantially through leveraging an open, transparent procurement process, and inviting the top global vendors to bid.